Sign the Fight for $15 Voter Agenda

  1. $15 and union rights. No working moms and dads should struggle to provide for their children. Everyone who works needs $15 an hour and the right to stick together in a union to ensure a better future for our families.
  2. Affordable child care for all Americans. Nothing is more important than taking care of our kids. Early childhood teachers should be paid fairly for the critical work they do, and child care should be affordable for working moms and dads.
  3. Quality long-term care for seniors and people with disabilities. In their golden years, our parents deserve quality care in their own home or a nursing facility from caregivers who are paid a living wage.
  4. Addressing the lasting impact of racism toward Black America. Black people are disproportionately killed in encounters with law enforcement and locked up in prisons and jails. People of color are increasingly shut out of our democracy because of laws created to stop them from voting and discrimination against the formerly incarcerated. It’s time for our nation to confront racism, fix our broken criminal justice system, “ban the box,” and end shameful voter suppression.
  5. Common sense immigration reform. Millions of people who do some of the toughest jobs in America came here from another country. They deserve a chance to move out of the shadows and the opportunity to become citizens. We must stop tearing immigrant parents from their children and destroying families.